Our Services


Swedish Massage

Escape to a land of bliss and leave the world behind. Relax, unwind and breathe with our soothing treatments for the body and mind. Snuggle into our heated table, let your ears fill with calming music and we will do the rest.

Deep Tissue

Whether you suffer from repetitive motion, sports injuries, chronic pain or just want to get rid of those painful knots in your shoulders, our deep tissue massage will have you moving better and feeling brand new in no time.

Automobile Injury

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, let us be the key to your recovery. With your PIP insurance and a physician’s referral, we can bill your treatments with no out of pocket expense to you. Call for more information.

Equine and Canine Massage

Our furry family members suffer from soreness the same way that we do. Animal Massage is a great way to help them feel better. Treatments are available for horses, dogs, cats and the occasional goat. Work related stress, injury prevention and treatment and lameness are but a few of the issues that can be addressed. Farm calls and out-calls are available for convenience. Additional travel fees may apply. .

Hot Stone

Washington weather can chill you down to your bones. Warm up with a full body caress from our decadent, heated, basalt stones, warm, organic coconut oil and steamy hot towels. You’ll be toasty from your head to your toes while you drift off in your dreams to an exotic southern island. You may not really be on vacation but we are sure that your body will think you are. Available only during our cooler weather months.

Pregnancy Massage

Welcoming a baby is one of life’s most incredible joys. A woman’s body goes through tremendous changes to make this happen and it can certainly take it’s toll. Massage, both during pregnancy and after birth have a positive impact on both your comfort and health.Get that much needed relief from morning sickness, swelling, insomnia, back pain and more. Come see how it can make a difference for you.

What People say About Us

Krystyna M.

I’ve had a bad experience in the past with massages and have always been terrified with getting another.. I tore my shoulder back in June and had a lot of tenderness and scare tissue build up in my peck. I went to Wendy for a massage and I’ve never been happier! She made me feel so comfortable and content! She made me feel so much better!!! I will continue to go and recommend her to anyone else!!!

Jason C.

Wendy is an amazing massage therapist! She’s helped me work through a number of issues. Best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had. Wendy is easy to communicate with, listens to her clients, and a number of times has suggested varying treatments (such as cupping) that have been very effective.